Sheba Fine Flakes in Jelly with Chicken


Sheba Fine Flakes in Jelly with Chicken – Wet Cat Food Trays for Adult Cats – 22 x 85 g Pack

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Sheba Fine Flakes in Jelly with Chicken – Wet Cat Food

  • Resistance is futile with Sheba’s exquisite line of cat food and treats / High-quality ingredients promote complete nutrition / Food comes in 85 g trays ready to serve to your feline friend
  • Box with exquisite chicken is tender jelly – a true pleasure for your cat / without artificial colours or preservatives
  • Sheba Fine Flakes is a special range with delicious flakes in melting jelly – The perfect choice to inspire a nuzzle of affection
  • The purrfect choice for a nuzzle of affection: For adult and senior cats (+12 months) / 3 trays daily for a 4 kg cat / Provide food at room temperature with water / Chill surplus food for up to 2 days
  • Items delivered: 22 x 85 g Sheba Fine Flakes with Chicken in Jelly / Pack with chicken variety / Suitable for any adult cat

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Weight 1.87 kg
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 10 cm

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