BS 11816 Plenti+ Nursing Pillow – Let’S Flip Again


Designed with an IBCLC, a certified Lactation Consultant Breastside Reminder™ System to help keep track of feedings Relax-Fit design supports both mom and baby

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Mealtime is made easier for every mama using the Ingenuity Plenti+™ Pillow. The Relax-Fit design aligns with most body shapes to help offer support for both mom and baby. Crafted with the help of a certified Lactation Consultant this pillow was created to make nursing and bottle feeding comfortable. Its simple design acts as a positioner that helps keep baby in place. During those late-night snuggles or early-morning fusses, the visual tabs of our Breastside Reminder™ System help remind you which breast you fed from last. Nursing from the fullest breast helps promote the healthiest feeding opportunities for your newborn. The pillow material is also water-resistant to keep all the little accidents from leaking into places they don’t belong. As your little one grows, the pillow can be also used for lounging, tummy time and sitting support.

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